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R & D management organization

As earliese Shanghai high-tech enterprises of the packaging field, the company always focus on technology research and development, set up technology research and testing center, owns highly qualified technical personnel of research and development and technology management team, including 6 Master's degree, covers of specialized polymer materials, fine chemical engineering, chemical engineering, professional packaging and printing machinery, electrical appliances and has long been engaged in the work of the senior engineer. The company has authorized 16 national patents, including 3 invention patents, 1 appearance design patents, 12 utility model patents. The company and the Shanghai laser technology research, East China Normal University, East China University of Science and Technology, the establishment of perennial cooperation and development of the city and district level research projects, and was named the District of Minhang R & D institutions. The company also regularly every year to recruit fresh graduates, as the reserve force of company training, sustainable development for the R & D work to lay a solid foundation.
Holographic label design, packaging design

The design team of the company consists of professional design personnel more than well-known art design, printing of the school, to provide customers from product planning, design, packaging design, laser holographic label design and a full range of services. Our design philosophy is to take the product as the center, customer oriented, market as the goal, the product packaging and printing, laser holographic perfect fusion of new packaging design.

Making plate: large scale high precision lithography, cat's eye lens plate lattice

The company has domestic and foreign advanced dot matrix hologram lithography equipment, the maximum plate size can reach 1000X1000mm, lithography precision can reach 12000dpi, can produce multi angle, three-dimensional high-precision two-dimensional holographic full-color pictures, one line, 2~4 m, coaxial miniature text off-axis full color dot matrix holographic lens, the bank, the bank embossed holographic, crystal relief holographic watermark, hidden text, up to a dozen different kinds of laser holographic effect.
 Coating: coating research and development, joint development of transfer

The company has advanced laboratory formula design, perfect, the laboratory has not only card fee moisture meter, electronic balance, Digital Viscometer etc. universal tester, coating test equipment with headspace gas chromatography, electronic universal testing machine, friction instrument, color difference meter, temperature test instrument and other professional. At the same time, in order to validate the procedure, also equipped with a small vacuum aluminum plating machine, mini offset printing machines and UV light curing machine, small cutting machines and other equipment, the company R & D team for the customer for the whole simulation process on the properties of the coating, a full range of testing the use of test equipment. The development of a variety of transfer laser aluminized coating has good adaptability, coating, stripping good effect, high brightness laser hologram, suitable for offset printing, gravure printing, and the rubber concave with suitable soft pressure, hard pressed and seamless molding products, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, solvent resistance, low smell etc..

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